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Register with ALERT MARIN and NIXLE Marin County to receive EMERGENCY ALERTS on your phones




General Information

AlertMarin Emergency Notification Registration

If you live, work or go to school in Marin County and are 18 and over, you may now register your cell phone or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone to receive emergency alerts sent by call, text, or email from the County of Marin. Muir Beach residents are encouraged to sign up.

To find out if schools are closed: Marin County School Closures.

Muir Beach Residents: Hang a towel by your entrance to indicate you're safe and need no help.

USDA food assistance for disaster relief.

Get financial assistance after a disaster.

Contact US Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Assistance




Recovering from a fire can be a physically and mentally draining process.

When fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around. Often, the hardest part is knowing where to begin and who to contact.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) United States Fire Administration (USFA) has gathered the following information to assist you in this time of need. Action on some of the suggestions will need to be taken immediately. Some actions may be needed in the future while others will be on-going. The purpose of this information is to assist you as you begin rebuilding your life.

U.S. Fire Administration
Get the details: FEMA Outreach after a fire


FireSafe Marin has a Wildfire Evacuation Guide.

Learn how to begin cleaning up and recovering after a home fire




Loma Prieta Earthquake

Quick Tips During an Earthquake:

  • Drop, cover, and hold on when the ground starts shaking.
  • If you are inside, drop to the ground, take cover under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture, and hold on until the shaking stops.
  • If a sturdy table or desk is not available, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside corner of the room.
  • Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall on you, such as lighting fixtures or furniture.
  • Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside. Do not exit a building during shaking.
  • If you are outdoors, move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires.
  • If you are in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly as safety permits and stay inside the vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses, and utility wires.
  • Once the shaking stops, proceed with caution; avoid roads, overpasses, bridges, or ramps until you know they are safe. has details about help after an earthquake.



Storms & Flooding

Trees Down, Pacific Way Flooding

Be informed about flooding at

Check NOAA's National Weather Service for weather updates

Contact EPA for help after flooding disasters.





Tsunami Warning Center has real-time tsunami information.

Watch "MARIN TSUNAMI," a video that tells the story of what several West Marin communities are doing to be prepared for a tsunami emergency.






No Help Needed Sign
Muir Beach Residents Hang a towel near the road to signal "I'm OK"





Fire Hwy 1 Near Muir Beach - October 24, 2019 Wildfire





Earthquake Damage
Loma Prieta Earthquake Damage- San Francisco





Lightening Storm Over Muir Beach





Pelican Inn Parking Lot, Muir Beach, April 7, 2018





"Lake Manzanita" Mill Valley, January 2017


Please Support MBVFD

Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department is 100% volunteer. That means ALL donations go DIRECTLY towards keeping our volunteer firefighters well trained and equipped. Thanks for your support.


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